Summary slides for Ian Badger's plenary talk and workshop

27 Jan 2015

First, many thanks for the wonderful hospitality and organisation of the ETAS committee and the great response to the talk and workshop from the participants.

As promised, here are the summary slides from the plenary talk and workshop in..

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Ian Badger's keynote talk at the ETAS Conference, Bern, Switzerland

06 Jan 2015
Ian's keynote talk at the ETAS conference in Bern on 24th January will focus on the importance of improving listening comprehension in language learning. 
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"It's a pony, Ian" - Ian Badger's slides for BESIG, Bonn - 15.11.14

13 Nov 2014

Welcome to participants around the world for this simulcast talk!  Click here for a link to the slides (pdf).

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bonn besig

Summary slides and references from Ian Badger's talk at SATEFL event at Stirling University

07 Oct 2014
What an excellent SATEFL event at Stirling!  Many thanks for making me so welcome and for being so fired-up about using authentic listening materials!  Click
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The Scottish Association for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

01 Oct 2014

Ian Badger will be speaking at SATEFL's conference in Stirling on October 4th.  For details, click here.


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Ian Badger's talk at Business English UK Trainers' Conference, London June 7th 2014

09 Jun 2014
Click here for the summary slides for Ian's talk 'Business critical..

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English for Life: Listening B2 is out!

08 May 2014
Ian Badger's new authentic listening book + mp3 cd is published today by Collins.  Recordings of speakers from around the world - from England, Scotland, the USA, China, India and many more!

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Chinese edition of 'Collins English for Business: Listening' now available

20 Mar 2014

Collins English for Business: Listening with notes in Chinese has just been published in cooperation with Commercial Press.  Click
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New Zanichelli edition of Collins English for Business Listening

21 Feb 2014
Especially for Italy!  The new Zanichelli Collins edition of Ian Badger's 'English for Business Listening' is now available.  Click
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BESIG conference Prague - 9-10 November 2013

12 Nov 2013
Many thanks for the great support from Collins and Infoa during the BESIG Prague conference and to an enthusiastic and engaged audience at my talk.  Click on the photo for more information.  Key slides are available Read More.. With the Infoa team on the Collins/Info stand

Workshops for business trainers in Berlin and Frankfurt

05 Nov 2013
Many thanks for the warm welcome and very active participation during Ian Badger's workshops ('Overcoming the barriers in business communication') held in Berlin and Frankfurt on November 1st and 2nd.  Summary slides of the workshops are available
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4th ESP conference Ulm - summary slides from Ian Badger's talks

08 Oct 2013

Here are the summary slides from my plenary talk at the conference and from my session on using authentic listening materials in ESP training.

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"Business English Phrases" is back!

07 Oct 2013

Business English Phrases by Ian Badger - for A2/B1 levels - is back!  Useful phrases for everyday work life and great cartoons. Originally published by Penguin books, Business English Phrases is..

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Follow up: 4th English for Specific Purposes Conference - Ulm 5/10/13

07 Oct 2013
7/10/13  Thank you to all participants for the great response to my talks in Ulm, to the organisers and to my publisher Collins for their sponsorship.  The summary slides from the plenary and from my talk on using authentic listening materials will..

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4th English for Specific Purposes Conference - Ulm 5/10/13

11 Sep 2013

Ian Badger will be giving the opening plenary talk: 'Business-critical ESP training' at the 4th English for Specific Purposes Conference on Saturday 5th October 2013 at the Hochschule..

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English for Business Life - a summary of reviews

25 Feb 2013

Writers Ian Badger and Pete Menzies really have gone to town to provide us with a course book which hits the heart of learner needs. For my money, "Business English" is about the closest you're likely to get to simulate the ups and downs of the business..

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Two workshops at the British Council Kuala Lumpur, 16.01.2013

04 Jan 2013
Ian Badger will be running two workshops at the British Council in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 16th January 2013.  The first will focus on the need to understand English however it is spoken in global communication and the second specifically on developing..

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IATEFL PronSig Event - London 15.12.12

18 Dec 2012
If you did not put your name on the mailing list for Ian Badger's handout slides for his talk at held at Morley College London, please use the Contact form to request these.

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Handout slides for Ian Badger's talk at IATEFL BESIG conference Stuttgart 17.11.12

27 Nov 2012
Click here to access Ian's slides for his talk at the IATEFL BESIG conference on using authentic..

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Collins English for Business Listening App wins the 2012 David Riley Prize

20 Nov 2012
Delighted to announce that the IPad App based on Ian Badger's 'English for Business: Listening' has won the 2012 David Riley prize for innovation in Business English and ESP (English for special purposes). The book + MP3 CD is published by CollinsELT..

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Interview with Ian Badger in EL Gazette November 2012

17 Oct 2012
Ian is interviewed by EL Gazette Editor..

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Ian Badger: Upcoming conference presentations - October to December 2012

17 Oct 2012
An update on Ian's presentations from now till the end of the year.  He will be presenting at Belte, Brighton on 20 October, the English UK teachers' conference in London on 10th November, IATEFL BESIG in Stuttgart on 17th November and at the IATEFL PronSig..

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Understanding English however it is spoken - Summary of Ian's presentation at IATEFL Poland conference Wroclaw 8.9.12

09 Sep 2012
Thank you to all who attended my talk in Wroclaw and for making me feel so welcome.  Read More..

Ian speaking at IATEFL Poland, Wroclaw 8.9.12

14 Aug 2012
Ian will be talking about the importance of understanding a range of accents when using English as the international language of communication and will suggest ways in which trainers can help learners to improve their listening skills.  He will refer..

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English for Life: Listening

Review of Collins 'English for Life' series in EL Gazette August 2012

23 Jul 2012
Many thanks to Wayne Trotman for his excellent review of the brand new Collins 'English for Life' Series published in the latest editon of the EL Gazette.  Ian Badger wrote the 'Listening' title in the series - another title based totally on authentic..

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Business English UK conference 28/4/12 - Ian's handout slides

30 Apr 2012

As promised, here is a selection of the main slides from Ian Badger's talk at the conference on Read More..

'Collins English for Business: Listening' shortlisted for 2012 ELTON prize

03 Apr 2012
Ian Badger's English for Life: Listening nominated for British Council award

Handouts for Ian Badger's talk at IATEFL Glasgow - Understanding English however it is spoken

27 Mar 2012

Please click on the link for the main slides from Ian's talk at the IATEFL Glasgow conference on 20th March 2012.  Read More..

IATEFL Conference Glasgow - 20 March 2012

18 Mar 2012
Ian will be speaking at the IATEFL conference at the Glasgow International conference centre on Tuesday March 20th at 14.45.  The title of his talk will be 'Understanding English however it is spoken'.  Handout slides will be posted here after the talk...

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BESIG Conference Dubrovnik - Nov 2011

31 Jan 2012
If you attended Ian's talk (or even if you did not) in which he introduced his new book based on authentic listening clips published by Harper Collins, Collins ELT and would like copies of the handout, please use the contact..

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Slides for students attending Ian's talk at Bristol University - 1.8.11

01 Aug 2011
Here are the key slides for those who attended Ian's talk this afternoon.  It was good..

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Talk at Bristol University, 1st August 2011

28 Jun 2011
Ian will be giving a talk to Bristol University pre-sessional students on 1st August at 4.20pm on using English in a professional career.  See the Read More..

Business Listening book is published

09 Apr 2011
Ian Badger's new book: 'Listening' a key title in the new Collins Business Skills series has just been published.  The book is available from bookshops and on-line booksellers worldwide.  For details, see the
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Business English training - new article in 'Business Spotlight'

05 Jan 2011
Ian Badger's article on the future of business English training has just been published in the January/February 2011 edition of Business Spotlight..

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Summary slides for November conference talks in Germany and France

24 Nov 2010

If you attended Ian's presentation at the BESIG conference in Bielefeld or his talk at France TESOL, Paris and would like copies of the summary slides, please contact us with your name and affiliation details. 


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Ian Badger's upcoming conference presentations in November 2010 - Germany and France

29 Oct 2010
Ian Badger will be speaking at the IATEFL BESIG conference on 20th November in Bielefeld, Germany.  The topic will be 'business-critical' language training and will develop themes introduced during the first BESIG webinar held in July 2010.  He will also..

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'Using English in your profesional career' - Talk at Bristol University 2.8.10

03 Aug 2010
It was great to meet such a large number of pre-sessional students from Bristol university yesterday during and after my talk.  Those who would like handout copies of the slides are welcome to contact me at ..

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BESIG Rome summer conference

01 Jul 2010

If you attended Ian's talk and would like handout copies of the slides, please write to  For those who provided email addresses, the slides will be sent on 2/7/10


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Ian Badger presenting at the BESIG conference in Rome, 26.6.10

15 Jun 2010
Ian will be presenting on key issues relating to the teaching of Business English in a New Decade as part of the BESIG Summer conference at the University of Economics Roma Tre, Rome, Italy on 26 June 2010.  Ian's presentation is kindly sponsored by Heinle..

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BESIG webinar recording now available on Youtube

12 Jun 2010
A recording of the BESIG webinar in which Ian Badger talks about 'business-critical' language training is now available on Youtube.

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BESIG Webinar - 1 June 2010.

21 May 2010
This first-ever online BESIG event will explore the implications of the current move in Business English towards totally needs-based learner-focused language training.  Ian Badger will be speaking about 'business critical language training' at this webinar..

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Plenary at Business English UK conference

11 May 2010
If you attended Ian Badger's opening plenary 'Business English in a New Decade' at IH London on 8th May 2010 and would like electronic copies of the slide handouts, please email:

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Business English trainers - knowing our limits, developing our competences

13 Apr 2010
Here are the summary..

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'English for Business Life' - now available in Japan

31 Mar 2010
All levels and components of 'English for Business Life' are now available direct from Cengage Learning in Japan - see details here

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IATEFL BESIG Pre-conference event Harrogate, UK 7.4.10

28 Mar 2010
Ian Badger will be speaking at this event and running a workshop on 'Business English trainers - knowing our limits, developing our competencies'  See the BESIG website for details...

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New BMES website

15 Feb 2010

Welcome to the new BMES website!  Return to this page for our latest news, but in the meantime we have carried over some 'old' news items from our previous site. 

Please contact us if you or your company/organisation needs the specialised..

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'English for Business Life' - some reviews

15 Feb 2010

Some reviews of 'English for Business Life' by Ian Badger and Pete Menzies - now published by Heinle ELT, part of Cengage Learning

'The self-study book is a gem and can serve as a stand-alone course ... The material is consistently..

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BESIG Poznan conference 2009

08 Jan 2010
If you attended Ian Badger's presentation / workshop 'We are not the problem, they are' at BESIG Poznan, please email us with your contact details and we will send you the..

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BMES 'old' posts

08 Jan 2010

Some posts from the news section of our 'old' website.  We have not replaced all of the links - so please contact us if you are interested in any of the items mentioned using the 'Contact' form on our Home page.

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'English for Business Life' has a new Publisher

29 Jul 2009
'English for Business Life', written by Ian Badger and Pete Menzies has a new publisher. Heinle ELT part of Cengage Learning has acquired Marshall Cavendish's ELT Business.  See the press..

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