Multi-level Business English Programme

Published by Longman, the Multi-level Business English Programme is a comprehensive, multi-level course of English for business people, which takes learners from false beginner through to higher intermediate level. Each level of the programme consists of; a course book and cassettes providing between 80 and 120 hours of class work, a trainer's guide with answers and tapescripts, photocopiable progress tests and a glossary of business terms and cassettes which accompany each level of the Programme.

The Programme is designed for use in:

  • business schools and colleges
  • language schools which offer English for business courses
  • company training courses and study programmes
  • schools and colleges which aim to equip their students with the language skills they will need in their working lives


Listening: Each unit begins with a guided listening exercise which presents the target language of the unit. There is a range of other listening activities in the course book and work book for further extensive and intensive practice.

Accents and Pronunciation: The Accents and Pronunciation exercises which are either in the body of the course book or in the workbook, demonstrate a range of accents and pronunciation. They aim to build up your sensitivity to different types of English.

Grammar points: The grammar sections are concerned with helping you to use the language accurately for effective and clear communication. Additional grammar exercises are included in the workbook.

Activities: Almost every unit conatins a guided 'box dialogue', given either in the course book or the work book. This consists of prompts for controlled practice of the unit's target language in dialogue form. There is also a range of language activities for free practice.

Vocabulary: The core course provides you with a wide range of useful and practical business-reakted social vocabulary. There is a lits of key general and business-related vocabulary at the back of the course book.

Review units: Four review units in each course book provide guided revision of the preceding units in preparation for short tests whch are printed in the Trainer's Guide. The tests are intended to help learners and trainers to evaluate what is being learned.